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In this site, you can find information related to geomechanical applications in the oil & gas industry, become a GIGA Blogger, ask us your questions related to reservoir geomechanics.

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Heavy and extra heavy oil reservoirs are subjected to high temperatures during thermal recovery processes like SAG D and CSS. In-situ temperature state changes throughout these operations may generate variations in the mechanical properties or strength parameters of the rock such as Young and Bulk’s modulus, internal friction angle, cohesion and dilation angle. This paper presents results about the variation of the elastic modulus and mechanical properties, in both elastic and plastic region due to changes in temperature and effective conning stress for reconstituted samples of Colombian unconsolidated sands.

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We will offer trhee conferences:    

  • Evaluation of the Mechanical Behavior of Non-Consolidated Sands at Different Stress Path. Monday Technical Poster  3:30 -4:30 pm
  • Effect of temperature and confining stress on petrophysical behavior of unconsolidated Colombian sands. Monday technical sessions - 5:15 pm –5:30 pm
  • A new methodology for the wormhole initiation and propagation. Tuesday
Results interface – Giga Thor software

GIGA THOR is a coupled geomechanical analysis reservoir simulation software that is a user-friendly, high- performance application, useful for your daily requirements and needs.

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Thermal recovery is a common practice to commercial production of heavy oil reservoirs due to the exponential decrease of viscosity as temperature rises. Thus, techniques such as Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) and Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) have played a fundamental role in the exploitation of this kind of reservoirs. Steam injection is used to increase oil mobility through the temperature increase, but it also changes the mechanical and petrophysical rock properties. The description of porosity behavior has a crucial role in planning any thermal recovery process to obtain better predictions of the medium's behavior and avoiding operational dangerous risks linked with caprock integrity and shearing failures.

GIGA developed a modified model to describe porosity-temperature relationship.

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