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   Journals to which papers will be submitted: Ocean Dynamics 


     Title of Special Collection:

     Advances in oceanographic and wave research in Latin America 

     ICMS-LatWaves 2018 and SENALMAR


     Open call for Submissions: December 15th, 2018

     Submission Deadline: March 31st, 2020



 Alexander V. Babanin, The University of Melbourne, Australia.

 Andres F. Osorio, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellin, Colombia.

 Nelson Violante-Carvalho, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeirio, Brazil.

 Alejandro Orfila, IMEDEA, Spain.


Description of Collection

This special collection is comprised of selected, peer-reviewed papers presented at the International Conference of Marine Science ICMS2018 and the Third    Latin American Symposium on Water Waves (LatWaves 2018), held from 19 to 23 November 2018 in Medellin, Colombia. Recently we will include some selected papers from XVIII National Seminar of Marine Science and Technology (SENALMAR 2019), which will take place in Barranquilla, Colombia, from 22 to 25 October 2019. 

The issue is also open to other oceanographic and wave research conducted in Latin America or on Latin American related topics. The topics focus on theoretical aspects, ocean modelling, data analysis, observational oceanography and waves including new techniques. Interdisciplinary approaches that encompass research in the fields of biological, chemical, physical oceanography and wave-coupled effects are especially encouraged. Coupled effects in the air-sea systems, such as interaction between upper ocean layer and atmosphere, connections between large scales and small scales, as well as teleconnections between North-South and/or Atlantic/Pacific oceans, are welcome. The collection will have papers with the traditional format (Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions), and will include both an introductory editorial manuscript and a closing paper summarizing the outcomes of the final discussion panel.


Reason for the Collection:

Submission of scientific manuscripts presented in the ICMS2018 and Third LatWaves are ensured by the high scientific quality of the events and will go through the editorial and peer-review process. This will contribute to other research in this field in Latin America and internationally, i.e. from tropical and subtropical regions all the way to sub-Antarctic,


Process of publication:

All papers start a review process once received and published online once accepted. Authors can submit papers to Ocean Dynamics ( under the "article type" Topical collection - ICMS-LatWaves 2018 and SENALMAR 2019