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LD 558

LD 558

A Student's Guide to Python for Physical Modeling /Jesse M. Kinder and Philip Nelson Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, c2018.

“…You will learn how to install an open-source Python programming environment and use it to accomplish many common scientific computing tasks: importing, exporting, and visualizing data; numerical analysis; and simulation. No prior programming experience is assumed.

This tutorial focuses on fundamentals and introduces a wide range of useful techniques, including: Basic Python programming and scripting; Numerical arrays; Two- and three-dimensional graphics; Monte Carlo simulations; Numerical methods, including solving ordinary differential equations; Image processing; Animation

Numerous code samples and exercises--with solutions―illustrate new ideas as they are introduced. Web-based resources also accompany this guide and include code samples, data sets, and more. This current edition brings the discussion of the Python language, Spyder development environment, and Anaconda distribution up to date. In addition, a new appendix introduces Jupyter notebooks” (El editorial)